Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting | Nite FX Lighting - Plano, TX

Landscape lighting is intended to highlight the focal points of your landscape, not be the focal point of your landscape. A carefully designed and professionally installed landscape lighting plan from Nite FX Lighting of Plano not only adds curb appeal to your home, it adds real resale value.

Whether you need to light the landscape around your yard or the landscape of your business or commercial property, we have the expertise and inventory to handle the most demanding of jobs. Our skilled installation crews and expert designers can create a landscape lighting plan for your building that illuminates all the features you worked so hard to design into it.

The skilled designers of Nite FX Lighting specialize in helping you design the lighting plan of your dreams. They'll meet with you at your location and work with you to create a landscape lighting plan that will include the functional aspects of a design plan along with the aesthetic ones. Some available options include:

• Tree Lighting—We use a combination of up lighting and down lighting to spotlight your trees without spotlighting your windows, or your neighbor’s windows. We can also install grazing and shadowing effects, with trees and other features of the outdoor space.

• Deck and Patio Lighting—A mixture of bench and step lighting to create an atmosphere for entertaining, enjoying a quiet night on the porch, or spending time by the pool.

• Path and Stair Lighting—Enhances steps, shrub or flower bed borders and illuminates paths or stairs safely.

• Features Lighting—Highlight your water feature, a special bush, or the flower garden at night for a different perspective of your space.

Whatever your landscape lighting problems, let Nite FX Lighting be your solution.