Exterior Lighting

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Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting | Nite FX Lighting - Plano, TX

At Nite FX Lighting, we believe that exterior lighting can be beautiful as well as functional. You’re not limited to harsh overhead lights or streetlights to add safety and security to your Plano home or business. We offer a complete line of fixtures and power supplies to meet any exterior lighting need, dream, or design.

We specialize in all aspects of exterior lighting for the Plano area, from small yards to large commercial spaces. Whether you're redoing your entire landscape or simply lighting up a sign for your business, we know it can be hard to envision.

There are many applications for exterior lighting, but the one we're most interested in is your specific application. Exterior lighting can be anything from a few sconces on a garage to security and safety lighting for an entire business complex. The expert designers at Nite FX Lighting can help you create a plan that meets all of your needs while creating an aesthetic that is both beautiful and elegant. After all, exterior lighting doesn’t have to be ugly.

• Residential—Residential design options include decks, pools, hardscape, trees, gardens, and flower beds. Our designers will work with you one-on-one to come up with the perfect exterior lighting solution for your space.

• Commercial—We can handle all of your commercial exterior lighting needs, from landscape to parking lot. Or installation experts guarantee a beautiful design and a perfect installation.

• HOA—We’ve worked with HOA’s in the past and we know how to get it approved and get it done. We promise to create and build a design your HOA will approve.

• Subdivision—Our subdivision lighting team has worked on subdivision entrances all over and they can design and build the perfect one for you.

Give Nite FX Lighting a call today and see how they can improve your exterior lighting project through innovative design and professional installation.